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I am now on staff at Pacific San Diego, a glossy monthly. Will be expanding and adding fiction, theater and film and book reviews, and other stuff...

Two short noir novels due from Black Mask Books: Shabbytown and The Trouble with Tramps.  Both are homages -- the first to Raymond Carver and the second to Orrie Hitt.

In May, The Dybukk Press publishes This Other Eden, a book of three interlinked novellas and three stories...

In May, Black Lawrence Press publishes my first collection of literary short fiction...

There should also be two books out from McFarland, a few from Borgo, and who knows...maybe more...
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Wow. Can't believe I have not updated this blog for so long. I have other blogs:

Go here for publication updates.
Go here for my thoughts ion vintage sleaze paperbacks.
Go here for my blog on Orrie Hitt, sleazecore poet.

Let's see...
The Watermelon went out into the world from its distributor, Celebrity Video.
Published 16 books this year -- but mostly reprints of Blue Moon titles from Olympia Press and Borgo Press.
Wayne State UP was still unhappy with my Star Trek critique book, so I pulled it and had Borgo release it.
Changed agents.

Other stuff:
my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in May. She's now in remission from the chemo, but it was a pretty tough time for all.
issues with the landlord and his asshole employees, so I will be moving from the Ocean Beach. This is okay: it's time I got out of here, where my cats live more than I do. Man, seven years here, but too much of Tara and Liv linger here. I should have moved long ago, and almost did a few times but things got in the way. Mostly, I have too much shit and I'm lazy, or too busy doing other stuff.

On the academic front:
doing a research fellowship at UCSD
won the Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award from the Carl Couch Center.

on the romance front: nothing serious going on right now.

Working on:
finishing a lot of overdue books, like the William Vollmann bibliograhy, the autoethnographic anthology, two books on Raymond Carver...
a screenplay adapt of Orrie Hitt's The Cheaters.
two noir novels.

Black Mask Books is putting out two noir short novels soon:
The Trouble with Tramps: An Orrie Hitt Homage

The big one this year is the collection of stories out summer 2010 from Black Lawrence Press:
Pictures of Houses with Water Damage.

New agent has three books on the market:
proposal for a book on the hacker group, Anonymous, called Internet Hate Machine
proposal for a book on Tijuana Drug Cartels, called Kings of Tijuana
erotic novel, The Arrangement, to be under a pen name

All erotica will now be under pen names. Olympia Press has put two out as Louis Kahn Nin and 15 "sexology" studies as Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow, which the publiosher commissioned from me.
Some lesbian D/s BDSM novels under two female pen names.
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Sexy Strumpets and Troublesome Trollops: Tales (and Tails) of Erotic Noir (Borgo Press)
Tropic of Kimber (reprint of House of Dreams) (Olympia Press)

This Other Eden (The Dybukk Press)
Autoethnography: Essays (Cambridge Scholars)
Zona Norte (reprint) (Borgo Bio-Views Series)

William T. Vollmann: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow Press)

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I don;t mean IMPERIAL, but my book, William T. Vollmann: A Critical Study and Seven Interviews, is now out from McFarland and Company, a book five years in the works (it has a different publisher at first, and I was way behind in finishing it).

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After a year of vettings and three revisions, my 13,000 word essay on Gordon Lish editing Raymond Carver and Barry Hannah has been accepted in CRITIQUE.  That makes 3 or 4 essays I have in inventory since summer 2007, and none have seen print yet -- such is the case with academic publishing.  Good thing I'm not up for tenure or looking for teaching jobs.  Now I know why these tenure-track guys freak out when it takes 2-3 years for their peer review essays to go through the process.

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The feature film I wrote, The Watermelon, was released to the world on DVD and Blu-Ray July 7.  It is buyable at Amazon,,, and many other places, and rentable at Netflix and Blockbuster.

Working on foreign right sales right now.

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The Watermelon will soon be rentable via Netflix.
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My book on Star Trek is now ready for order from the publisher, The Borgo Press.

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The Watermeon now listed at distrubtir site, Celeb Vids, with July 7 street date!

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